1. Corporate Courtesies

Whether you’re picking a client up from the airport, hosting a company golf tournament or entertaining suppliers at a sporting event, you are expected to present a polished and professional image of yourself and your company. This means knowing what is appropriate dress, what food or beverage to provide, how to make guests comfortable and what the guidelines are for mixing business and pleasure in any situation. Attention to the details and surpassing clients’ expectations is key to creating a memorable positive impression.

2. How to Avoid Being A Cocktail Weenie - Mixing Business and Pleasure

After this entertaining and practical keynote by Canada’s etiquette ladies, you’ll understand why the executive standing by the shrimp tree might leave having satisfied their appetite but they’ll have missed out on meeting key clients. If you have ever been fearful about walking into a room full of strangers but want to learn how to make the most of every schmoozing situation, this humorous and experiential session is for you.

3. Corporate Dining and Entertaining for Business – Shaken not Stirred!

Think how much more business you could accomplish if you weren’t worried about which fork to use. Polished dining and corporate entertaining skills contribute to an overall image of competence and confidence. During this very entertaining and informative session which is presented over a meal, attendees learn the basics of business dining, how to present themselves competently in social situations and how to effectively mix business and pleasure. Anyone who meets or entertains for business would benefit from this presentation.


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